SAFA Skysailor Magazine

26 SKY SAILOR January | February 2024 News Point Cartwright closed to paragliding and hang gliding operations AirServices Australia suspended LoA_3520 effective from 16 November 2023 for this site. This LoA provided hang gliders and paragliders with an exemption to fly in Class D Airspace, the controlled airspace that surrounds GA/re- gional airports equipped with a control tower. From a safety and regulatory perspective, LoA_3520 provided an important control to ensure the safety of club members and other traffic operating in Sunshine Coast Class D airspace. With the LoA suspended, flying at Point Cartwright would represent a serious breach of CASA regulations. AirServices Australia advise they have, “seen a trend of operational non-compliance with the conditions of the LoA and associated CASA instru- ment CASA EX04_22 – Flight in Class D Airspace near Sunshine Coast Aerodrome (Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators) Instrument 2022 by members of the club, including: • • Duty safety pilots not advising Sunshine Coast Tower when operations have been completed for the day • • Duty safety pilots not obtaining approval from Sunshine Coast Tower on each occasion that flying is planned to occur • • Pilots flying in an area of Sunshine Coast Class D airspace that is not covered by the LoA/ without ATC approval, including an instance at Alexandra Headland on 22 August 2023 at 5:10pm local witnessed by our Tower Supervisor.” SCSA cannot emphasise strongly enough that any flight undertaken at Point Cartwright, any ground handling at Point Cartwright, any flying of the dunes at the south end of the beach, would obliterate any chances we may have of getting the site back. Any pilot caught flying the site, the beach or the dunes puts themselves at risk of prosecu- tion under the law, will be reported to SAFA, and will be disciplined by the Club including facing a penalty of a long term ban from flying all club sites. Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators Photo: Tex Bec