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27 January | February 2024 SKY SAILOR ‘The Downs from Above’ – a book by Michael Annette A UK hang gliding creation story: Clinical psychologist Christine takes up hang gliding, and becomes en- twined in her friend Laurie’s affair with Katerina, a German adventurer. When Katerina’s disturbing nature puts Laurie’s life in jeopardy, Christine has to get involved. Sympathise with the torments of youth, get a taste of the thrills and spills of early hang gliding and be entertained by the good fellow- ship inspired by the birth of the sport. UK HG legend, Johnny Carr, had this to say: “This book took me back and I was reliving what it was like to be a part of the sport of hang gliding at that time. I loved the adventures that the early hang gliders got up to, it was so reminiscent of the time. It gives a flavour of what it was like to be involved in the sport in those early years, pushing the boundaries of the sport.” Available now on Kindle and in paperback. New Products Re: Your SAFA membership has expired Yes, I too am disappointed that I have had to stop flying. I was one of the first certified Australian paraglider pilots to be licensed out of Bright back in 1990, and have enjoyed flying ever since, working as an instructor and a Safety Officer too as part of my role as a Skyhigh Club and VHGPA committee member. As a pensioner, I simply cannot afford to pay the annual fee all in one go. I was very disappointed that you could not consider a staged fee payment over 12 months; paying installments would have enabled me to con- tinue flying, and hopefully pass on some of my experience to newer pilots – but as it is I can't. I have no doubt many other older (and experienced) pilots will sympathise with my situation and possibly also leave the sport as a result of the new fee structure. Yours, Jeremy Torr Response from SAFA Hello Jeremy, Unfortunately, the business system precludes offering staged payments, and clubs cannot keep track of who is/isn’t a current pilot, especially if persons ‘miss’ a payment (deliberately or not). Membership can be paid by credit card, and credit card providers permit monthly repayments which effectively allow pre/post staged payments. You could use this facility to ease the burden. We recognise our sports are a discretionary expenditure and would like to reduce costs for all. Unfortunately, pilots continue to ‘crash or be dumb’ which increases administration costs. Regards, Mark Pike Letters