SAFA Skysailor Magazine

4 SKY SAILOR January | February 2024 President’s Update by Paul Green It’s that time of year again to wish all our members, staff and volunteers a peaceful and joyous Christmas, a prosperous New Year and lots of good weather and safe flying conditions. Part 149 2023 culminated for SAFA with the granting of our Part 149 certification and our recent Airwaves provided further information on this. Importantly, this step is not a destination – it’s the start line of a journey to further reform and refine the various operational con- ditions, policies and procedures that govern our activities. Stakeholder input into this journey will be a critical factor and I encourage all to engage in discussion, questioning and making yourselves familiar with the suite of documents now available for perusal. The work effort from our staff to achieve this milestone was massive and on behalf of all members I thank and congratulate them for their tireless contribution. Last Update This President’s Update will be the last one I deliver. I have had the extraordinary privilege to be able to serve as President of initially the HGFA and then SAFA, and we have collectively been able to make significant reform of our sport and the manner in which it is governed and operates. We’ve done this whilst meeting the unprecedented challenges of the COVID years and we have a strong platform to make further inroads to those elements of our strategic plan that are critical if our sport is to achieve it’s true global and national potential. The volunteer roles we serve as Board members and/or leaders require a significant time commitment. My life is now such that I cannot commit the time I’ve had previously, simply because I no longer have that time available. Our members and stakeholders need and deserve leaders who are able to meet the demands of the roles they occupy. As I can no longer do this I am standing down as SAFA President and Board member with immediate effect. I have some mixed feelings about this decision but not about it’s necessity. It is the responsible course for me and for our organisation. For me, serving the sport and our members and stakeholders has been a labour of love and I want to acknowledge all those members around the nation that I’ve had the opportunity to variously meet or assist. Thank you all for the respect you’ve afforded me and I wish SAFA and its members and stakeholders continuing success in realis- ing our sport’s potential.