SAFA Skysailor Magazine

13 May | June 2022 SKY SAILOR Keith Lavers from South Australia had the best distance for the day of 61km, apparently there were way better looking clouds to the East. Unfortunately, Keith had flown a tangent to the course line after entering the task incor- rectly into his GPS! Keith landed 56km from goal on the Birchip-Boort road after realising something was wrong. He then learned that his retrieve driver had to go back to camp to charge up his phone. Keith was finally located at 8:30pm, in the dark, in his harness with a mozzie net over his head (lucky for him every- one got a mozzie net in the pilot goodie bag). Rohan had a few lower hour pilots on his team. Damian Hamilton from Tasmania on day 1 had PBs in height, time in the air, and distance flown with 20km, winning the day in floater class. He was awarded ‘The Necklace of Gloat' to wear for the morning. Day 2 The weather forecast was similar to day 1, without the overcast sky. It was decided that not enough goal beer had been consumed on the previous day, so an easy 53km task was set to Wooroonook Lakes . Getting out of the paddock was still a problem for some, but once on course, conditions were good with heights of 7500ft achieved by many. Those who went earlier had clouds to fly, later on it turned blue. There were 13 in goal, the last was Andrew Taylor from SA. He had swapped his C4 from day 1 to his trusty Moyes Malibu. It was getting late in goal when Andrew’s team mate, Mitch, radioed him – Andrew was thinking about going on glide. Mitch said to Rohan 'The Master’, “He’s at 6400ft and 14.3km out, what do you think?" Goal on day 2, before Andrew Taylor had arrived Photo: Col Jackson