SAFA Skysailor Magazine

14 SKY SAILOR May | June 2022 Rohan, whilst tying gliders onto the car stopped mid knot, “Hmmm, that’s about 1800m at 7:1,… yes he’ll make it.” Mitch got on the wireless with, “Andrew, Rohan said you’ll make it.” Rohan then added “What’s he flying?” Mitch: “A Fun.” Rohan: “Fun 1 or Fun 2?” Mitch: “ Fun 2.” Rohan: “Yep, he’ll make it.” Andrew arrived at goal at 1500ft in his Malibu 2, and very happy with his first Birchip goal. Paul Pittmann had travelled up from Port- land with his family for his first Birchip com- petition. On day 2 he achieved his PB height and distance, having only caught one thermal previously, making it to 25km this flight and netting floater class winner for the day. The goal paddock owners were on site for the afternoon’s proceedings and were given several Landowner Cards by the pilots in goal. They went on to be our eventual landowner prize draw winners and were later delivered a slab of beer by Hugh. Peter Holloway from Freedom Airsports had landed short of goal in a paddock, pulled his harness out of the glider, then carried the glider to the fence. Pete then walked up the rise to try and get radio reception to contact his team for a retrieve. A farmer drove past the glider and stopped. Pete waved at him, thinking he’d been spotted and carried on with finding reception. Meanwhile, the farmer had driven into the paddock to investigate. Once Pete walked back to his glider, the farmer returned and asked, “Is that your harness out in the paddock?” Pete answered, “Yes.” “Oh, thank goodness, I’ve just rung emergency services and told them that a pilot had fallen out of his hang glider and crashed down in my paddock. I’d better cancel the call.” Day 3 During the morning briefing, we had a visit to the BCG by ‘Sir’ Ian, the owner of the many paddocks we have towed from in Birchip, and also a founder of the Birchip Cropping Group. He expressed his delight at having us using his land and bringing life into the town, but then went on to say that Birchip was expecting about 7mm of rain that evening. Beavo, a very experienced HG pilot with many years Flatter Than The Flatlands 2022 Goaly Nicky Shalders with Andrew Taylor and Jay Kubeil Photo: Col Jackson