SAFA Skysailor Magazine

18 SKY SAILOR May | June 2022 “Get high,” they say, “Go far,” they say, “It’ll be great,” they say. With the hunger of a lioness, I went to seek my fill of the sky. I wanted to devour the clouds and seek the stars that lie above. I was greedy, and keen, and full of desire. Then it happened! I was in the clouds, the air was rough, I kept being pulled up, I couldn’t go down! I don’t think I’m in control anymore… the sky has taken me! I started to feel fear rise from the pit of my stomach, my breathing became rapid, my heart beating out of my body, I radioed: “How do I get down?” I later learned, this was received with chuck- les and taunts of ‘How do we get up?’ from those still on the hill and others hunting their own thermals in the sky. That was my first solo thermal, my first orgasmic journey of being sucked high, spinning fast and gaining height until I didn’t want any more. It was joyful, pleasurable, and Seeking my fill of the sky: Corryong to Khancoban by Catherine McMillan