SAFA Skysailor Magazine

On 24 March 2022, Swiss pilot and Nova Team Pilot, Toni Brügger, flew a 213.97km FAI triangle in Ticino aboard a Nova Aonic, a high-end EN A wing, according to him: “250km or more should be possible.” Toni launched from Mornera, was in the air for 9 hours 10 minutes and achieved an average speed of 23.68km/h. Considering that the end of March is usually too early in the season for records, his achievement becomes even more significant! We interviewed Toni. Congratulations on this epic flight, Toni. You took off from Mornera and flew west to the first turnpoint (TP) near Dufourspitze. The northern TP was west of Nufenen Pass, the last and south-eastern TP a few kilometres east of Bellinzona. What made you plan this route? The high cloudbase allowed me to move the second TP from Airolo to near the Nufenen Pass. This meant four FAI triangles of different sizes were still possible for the third TP. Were there any challenges during the flight? FAI triangle record on an EN A paraglider! by Till Gottbrath – Nova Photos: Friedli, courtesy Nova