SAFA Skysailor Magazine

34 SKY SAILOR May | June 2022 Skywalk Drop and Tapa X-Alps The Drop lightweight front container makes it possible to pack your rescue to the minimum size and weight. Ideal for mounting lightweight round and square rescues universally on a variety of harnesses. For an even smaller pack size, you can additionally compress the Drop with a zipper. On top, your Hike&Fly vario will find its place on the Velcro panel. The Tapa X-Alps ultralight rescue was developed specifically for Hike&Fly and X-Alps pilots for whom every gram counts. The cross canopy weighs in at a vanishingly small 784 grams in its smallest size. It is symmetrically constructed, therefore has no system-related forward motion. This reduces the risk of incal- culable drift, and the low sink rate is achieved via the surface – not via forward motion. The rescue has a very fast opening time and high descent stability, significantly increasing safety in the event of a rescue descent. With careful handling and regular packing intervals, you can rely on the Tapa X-Alps even after many years. The Drop and Tapa X-Alps (size 90 and 105) are available from your skywalk dealer now. skywalk paragliders News & Products Skywalk’s new X-Alps5 and the Cruise Hike&Fly races place particularly high demands on a wing: It must be stress-free to fly for many hours, show maximum performance and be ultralight to fit into even the smallest Hike&Fly backpack. The X-Alps5 combines all these criteria, designed for this exact purpose: Two-liner technology, moderate aspect ratio and number of cells, as well as the ultralight construction result in a well-balanced high performer – not only for our X-Alps athletes, but perfectly suited for XC and bivouac pilots, and beginners in the two-liner class. Visit our website for more details. The Cruise is a compact comfort harness, built to suit beginners to experienced sporty pilots. The structure ensures comfort during flights, is user-friendly and with the Permair protector, in combination with the SAS-Tec back protection, offers maximum safety. The adjustment options are designed so the seating position can be changed during flight, and agility can also be adjusted via stabilisers. Weighing only 3,5kg, the complete flying equipment fits into a 90-litre backpack – ideal for your next vacation. Available in three sizes from your skywalk dealer now.