SAFA Skysailor Magazine

39 May | June 2022 SKY SAILOR Rules of the Air s Approaching head on, on a ridge When two gliders are approaching head on along a ridge, the glider with its right wing towards the ridge shall have right of way. The aircraft that has the ridge to its left shall give way by turning away from the ridge. Ridge s s Approaching head on When two gliders are approaching head on or nearly so with a risk of collision, both gliders shall alter course to the right. s Converging gliders When two gliders are converging at approxi- mately the same altitude, the glider with the other on its right shall give way (i.e. the glider to the right has right of way). s Overtaking When overtaking another aircraft, the slower aircraft has right of way. A hang or paraglider engaged in ridge soaring shall overtake by passing between the ridge and the other aircraft. Other than when ridge soaring, the overtaking aircraft shall alter course to the right. Pass well clear of others. Ridge s Thermalling The first glider entering a thermal may decide which direction to turn in. Joining gliders must turn in the same direction as any hang/ paraglider or sailplane already circling, regardless of whether they join above or below gliders already established in the thermal. When thermalling, the pilot must give way to hang/paragliders climbing up from below. However, be aware that the rules of the air for sailplane operations require pilots to give way to sailplanes above them in thermals. s s s s