SAFA Skysailor Magazine

46 SKY SAILOR May | June 2022 All correspondence, including changes of address, membership renewals, short-term memberships, rating forms and other administrative matters should be sent to: SAFA National Office U 21/54 Commercial Place, Keilor East VIC 3033, 03 9336 7155, fax: 03 9336 7177 Emergency Contact: 0417 644 633 Contacts Chief Operations Officer: Brett Coupland Safety Management Officer Iain Clarke 0428 836 242 Administrative Manager Melinda Goullet 03 9336 7155 For information about site ratings, sites and other local matters, contact the appropriate Regional Association or local club. Site information is also available in Pilot tools, National Site Guide . All clubs please check details in this section carefully and ensure the correct and current details of Executive contacts. Updates can be made online in the members area of the SAFA website All clubs and nominated Senior Safety Officers (SSO) and Safety Officers (SO) Please confirm all SSO and SO appointments with the SAFA Office to ensure that those holding these appointments have it listed on the Membership Database and can receive notices and correspondence as required. Appointment of these officers is required to be endorsed by clubs in writing on the appropriate forms. Sometime in the future, if confirmation is not received, those listed in the database where no current forms or confirmation is held, the appointment will be taken as having expired and removed.