SAFA Skysailor Magazine

12 SKY SAILOR November | December 2023 This summer with El Niño established, the XC conditions across a very dry eastern half of Australia will see some great flights for sure, but it will also see some grief. One of the main causes of accidents is pilots over-estimating their own skills for the given conditions and/or flying a glider above their skill level. It happens at all levels, from Novice right through to Expert. You need only see the accidents of elite level pilots in recent years at the Red Bull X-Alps events to realise that it can happen to anyone who dares to risk too much. The new High Bs – some old history A little over 15 years ago, the EN-B certification class of paragliders saw the emergence of a new High B class. That first season saw a huge increase in low hours intermediate pilots having ‘glider vs skill’ related accidents and close calls. To this day, this issue with High B remains, and low hours/low skill intermediate pilots are being sold and flying these when they simply shouldn’t. The problem emerged from a lack of pilot education of what the new High B class was all about, but also poor judgement on the part of 2 line or not 2 line, that is the question! High C, the new category in the EN-C class by Godfrey Wenness, CFI Manilla Paragliding, Prototype Test Pilot – Advance, Switzerland, Former CEN Working Group member