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16 SKY SAILOR November | December 2023 Pilots got a taste of the spring flying conditions recently when the Forbes XC Skills and Aerotow endorsement long weekend was hosted by Moyes Delta Gliders. The weekend of XC flying and HG aerotow training was held from 29 September to 2 October and well attended by 21 pilots plus trainers. The annual event takes place at the Bill Moyes Paddock in Forbes in the Central West region of New South Wales, which is home to some of the most consistent hang gliding weather in the world. The purpose of this event was for pilots to learn about the weather, task briefings, using their GPS, flying a course and downloading. Beginner pilots or those looking for some more experience had the opportunity to fly with experienced pilots and then talk about their day and what they learnt over a BBQ. The social aspects are also a great benefit, with pilots getting the chance to catch up with like-minded people. Vicki Cain from Moyes Delta Gliders said, “This year there were three groups with three team leaders – Advanced, Intermediate and Floaters. Everyone enjoyed the concept and we hope to run more of these events now that the season is upon us. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch.” Special thanks to our crew Team leaders Steve Blenkinsop, Steve Do- cherty and Rob De Groot Tug pilots Steve McCarthy, Marco Carelli and Peter Holloway Ground crew Greg Cain and Mick White Peter Holloway, from Freedom Airsports in Victoria, made the trek to Forbes and as the CFI coached some pilots for early morning warm up tows and completed an aerotow endorsement course for a returning pilot. Peter wrote: “Neil H, Mario, Richard Mc, Brett S and myself headed north on the weekend for the XC clinic at Forbes. About 20 pilots registered for the clinic with Australian hang gliding legends Blenkie, Stevie D and Rob de Groot kindly volun- teering as mentors. Forbes comes to life for spring XC flying