SAFA Skysailor Magazine

33 November | December 2023 SKY SAILOR mastered and knowledge of this operation is thoroughly understood, including when this can be attempted at the particular site. Sites do not behave uniformly in similar conditions and the nuances of each must be appreciated. #1776 – PG picked up by a dusty, Tas PIC had spent the day at Lemon Hill (Tas), flying light cycles; all flights resulted in ~2min sleddies. While on launch, PIC saw the trees moving more than they had earlier, brought their wing above their head, turned and was then lifted ~15m above the launch by a dust devil. The wing wasn’t properly inflated and sideways. Two intense pitch/roll movements followed. At ~3m above the ground, the wing settled into normal flight and PIC landed without injury. Pilots should always keep in mind that unexpected gusts, strong thermals and dust devils can come from nowhere. Pilots should think about and have a plan to deal with these if they present themselves. Discuss with more experienced pilots/instructors any appropriate actions, if you are unsure what to do. We’ll jump across Bass Strait to Victoria… #1774 – Into the bushes PG landing short of Murrells Beach, Vic PIC launched their paraglider at Murrells Beach, near Portland (Vic), in decreasing wind conditions. They turned right, headed to a slight rise in terrain, then flew out of view into another bowl. PIC was unable to gain altitude and decided to head to the beach for