SAFA Skysailor Magazine

6 SKY SAILOR November | December 2023 The second annual Bullseye Hike & Fly was held on 16 September at Lake St Clair. This year’s weather had the athletes compete in a spring heatwave of 34ºC and moderate to strong winds and thermals. A field of 46 athletes attended The 46 athletes ranged from low airtime novices right through to seasoned veterans with decades of flight experience. Once registration and the rules/risk brief were completed, everyone lined up for the 10:15am start time of the competition. With smiles as well as nervous faces in the crowd, the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ started to pump through the speaker when the countdown began, and athletes prepared for a sprint start to the summit – circa 4.3km distance and 430m vertical. The rules of the game The classes and divisions were similar to last year’s with a few new additions. Athletes were awarded 400 points for each hike to the summit of the hill, combined with their landing score – 400 points for bullseye, 350 for the yellow ring, 300 for the blue ring, 250 for the silver tarp downwind of the target and 200 for the large blue tarp upwind of the target. There were two classes and two divisions for each class. Elite class could complete as many hike & flights within the six-hour competition window, whilst the Sports class could only have a maximum of two hike & flights. Divisions were Open (PG4/5) and Novice (PG2/3). Another trophy went to the ‘King of the Hill’ – awarded to the athlete who sum- mited to launch and signed onto the board first. In the case of pilots with equal combined scores, their first summit hike time dictated their overall position. In addition, we created three new prizes this year for: • • Oldest H&F competitor • • Slowest hike to the summit aka ‘The stop and smell the roses’ prize • • The Sky Pig award – the pilot who hikes the least but flies for the longest time 2023 Bullseye Hike & Fly by Roger Stanford All photos: Phil Kirkman