SAFA Skysailor Magazine

23 September | October 2021 SKY SAILOR equipment: a piece of cloth, some straps, Adidas tracksuit, mustache. Non-mandatory equipment: reserve, helmet, self-preservation.” Chapter 1 covers paragliding gear, showing various options for different purposes, budgets, and types of pilots. I appreciate that the author doesn’t try to convince us of his favourite solutions, but honestly rates the pros and cons of every piece. When trying to shave a few grams here and there, it’s important to remember that lightness usually comes at a price of performance, durability, warmth, etc. On the other hand, if we want all the warmth, comfort and extra gadgets, our backpack will get so heavy that the day will be over before we even hike to the top! It’s up to each pilot to find their own happy level. I wouldn’t blindly trust all the weight calculations which appear in the book, as the final weight will depend on wing and harness sizes and other details, but it’s important to remember the main message: Every single item, every extra weight will make a difference on the long hike up. In Chapter 2, Aimilios discusses mountain gear, deservedly going into trekking poles as they’re a crucial part of hike & fly equipment. There is also a place to appreciate the 1001 uses of duct tape, charging electronics, and other extras. At the end of the chapter, a bit on vol-bivouac gives a good sense of what extra gear may be needed when expanding into vol-bivouac adventures.