SAFA Skysailor Magazine

29 September | October 2021 SKY SAILOR Free Flight Film Festival is calling all SAFA members! SAFA, NSWHPA and Central Coast Sky Surfers have teamed together to present the Free Flight Film Festival competition, open to all our SAFA members. As sports aviation pilots, you have the unique ability to capture the thrill of pure flight and share stories about your experience by narrating your sport’s story. You might want to share your mate’s first flight, how you yourself started out in the sport, stories about the youngest or oldest pilots or even how skills in our sport can help in an aviation career. Competition criteria Create a visually appealing film capturing a human story showing a person’s experience of our sport. Please note personal flight records will not be accepted. Criteria for the competition are simple: 1. Record from 90 seconds to 20 minutes of flying 2. Send this through to secretary@central- 3. Submit your entries by 30 September 2021 Competition entries are open to all categories of pilots from 16 years and up. “This is something we are really excited about,” Festival organiser Guy McKanna said. “We haven’t done anything like this before, and it’s going to be a thrill to share our experiences to a wider audience. Flying for us is a solo pursuit, but this film festival gives us an opportunity to expand our audience and invite them to join us to be part of the bigger picture. This gives us a chance to include family and friends to narrate and direct the story,” McKanna said. “We are grateful to our sponsors for getting on board for the Free Flight Film Festival. Joining SAFA are Cloudbase Paragliding, Sky Out Paragliding, and .” McKanna said. We are looking forward to sharing this with all our members and can’t wait to deliver this spectacular experience to the broader public. How to submit your entry Contact the Central Coast Sky Surfers here to register your video idea and for information on how to upload your video when complete. Films must be submitted and uploaded by 30 September 2021.