SAFA Skysailor Magazine

31 September | October 2021 SKY SAILOR Chili5 – Best Chili ever! Over the last 15 years, no glider reflects the core values of the skywalk brand better than the Chili. Just in time for our 20th anniversary, we launch the Chili5 with many innovations and the new skywalk design. We’ve done all we can to make the new Chili shine uniquely in the high end B category. After the Chili4, it wasn’t easy to make it even better – but we succeeded. We wanted to enable XC pilots to call up extra power more easily and efficiently in all conditions. The Chili5 is the first glider in our B-class to be equipped with the Speed Control system, allowing the pilot to control the angle of attack via the rear risers when flying on bar. The system has already proven itself in the Cayenne6 and Spice2. The new Chili uses a fabric mix of TX-Light and Dominico 30 DMF, which reduces the weight by 10% compared to its predecessor without disadvantages in terms of robustness and aging resistance. Five years after the release of its predecessor, we once again managed to improve the Chili in all areas with innovations and optimisations. Read more on the skywalk website .