SAFA Skysailor Magazine

32 SKY SAILOR September | October 2021 Shivering greetings to you all. Brrrrr… I’ve been reliably informed that my last AIRS Safety Wrap-up column ruffled a few feathers amongst a club in Victoria. It seems that most of the reports I covered involved their members and the question was asked, was I targeting them? Let me tell you how the chill-box that SMO HQ is, works: I have a backlog of AIRS reports that I draw upon for this column. We have too many completed reports to cover in one issue and this is a continuing situation as our AIRS Managers complete their reviews. When I sit down to put this column together, I look for themes to link the reports together to make this a well-flowing read. These themes may be geographic locations, types of incidents, site-specific, phase of flight, or something else that jumps out at me. As it turned out, last month I had a stack of Victorian reports sitting there begging for attention, so out they went. I cannot see which clubs pilots are members of, in that respect they’re anonymous. No clubs are targeted or identifiable in the production of this report. I look at the implied criticism in another way, as indicative of something that is really good – this particular club has a great safety culture! If their members are owning their accidents and incidents, and are feeling safe reporting them, then there must be a really positive culture where members are encouraged to talk about what has happened so that others may learn. The reports aren’t viewed as an admission of guilt to doing something wrong, but viewed as shared learning experiences. So, congratulations Sky High Club. Take a bow. You folk rock! AIRS Safety Wrap- up – August 2021 by Iain Clarke – SAFA Safety Management Officer